Welcome, Guests! To ensure a delightful stay, kindly acquaint yourself with the following guidelines and helpful information.

Welcome, Guests! To ensure a delightful stay, kindly acquaint yourself with the following guidelines and helpful information.

Check In/Check Out

  • Check-in time is 2:00PM. In case you need to check-in earlier than the above time, please contact the Host to make arrangements in advance.

  • The host will contact you in advance and send you check-in information. In case of direct reception, the Host / Staff will guide the Guest to the room.

  • Check-out time is by 12AM latest. Please check all your belongings and sign the Minibar List if you use the goods in minibar list.

Complimentary List and Minibar List

  • To welcome and thank you, the Host serves some free drinks including: 4 bottles of 350ml Vinh Hao mineral water, 4 packets of instant coffee, 4 packets of tea upon check-in.

  • The Minibar List with prices is attached under the minibar table. Please check, sign and pay when checking out.

Instructions for some household items

Electrical equipments

  • Lighting system:

    • Lights on the ceiling: turn on the switch in the kitchen, near the door. + WC light: left side inside the WC door.

    • Night lights, reading lights, LED bedside lights, LED bed lights, LED lights on TV, Minibar lights: You can find the power switches in the corresponding positions.

    • Kettle: You can use the hot water outlet right at the Minibar table. Please unplug the power outlet after use.

    • Microwave Oven: Choose the mode and time and press Start.

    • Induction Cooker: Plug in and select modes. Please unplug the power outlet after use.

  • Washing Machine: Open the detergent compartment, pour detergent into the largest box (left), press the Power button, turn the round button to select washing modes. Then press the touch button to select Temperature, select Speed and press the wash button. (Instruction clip included).

  • Water Heater: There are 2 separate water systems:

  • Cold water faucet below, silver color:

    • Hot water: white, turn the switch above. When starting to use hot water, NOTE: Avoid turning the faucet on your body for about 5-10 seconds to avoid initial hot water.

    • Iron: The house is equipped with an iron in the wardrobe. Be sure to unplug the power plug after use.

Sofa bed, tea table cum dining table

  • Tea table cum dining table: When not in use, you can gently push the table under the Minibar drawer to create free space or to use the Sofa bed. The wheel base system at the bottom will help move easily.

In addition, the tea table has a DINING TABLE feature. Gently lift the table top up and push ½ of the folded table top up, rotating the table. You can use it as a dining table for 4-6 people. Below the table drawer there is a tablecloth to use if needed. (Instruction clip included).

  • Sofa Bed: In addition to the sofa feature, the smart Sofa Bed has 2 additional functions:

    • Gently pull out the bottom part, use 2 strings to gently pull it up: use the long sofa bed to enjoy resting your feet and watching TV.

    • When you need to use the bed, you pull the sofa part against the wall a distance enough to lower the backrest. At that time, the sofa bed had all the functions of a 160 x 190cm bed for 2 people. The house is equipped with 2 pillows + sheet inside the wardrobe. (Instruction clip included).

  • Piano: Guests can use it to play the piano. Open the piano cover (push it up) then press the power button on the right and you can enjoy playing the piano.

Internal amenities

  • Parking 2-wheeled vehicles at tunnel B1, 4-wheeled vehicles at basement B2: Parking is charged. 4-wheel parking is limited, so you can park your 4-wheel vehicle on the internal street in front of Gate 2 of the Sky Center Building (free for Sky Center Residents, please show your card or say room number A12-15 Block A)

  • Swimming pool: Open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day, except every Monday to clean the swimming pool. Free for residents. When using, please bring your Resident Card A12-15 and inform the staff on duty of the apartment number.

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  • Supermarket underground B1: Open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. Ministop is open 24/7.

  • Captain Gym at the foot of Block A is available for a fee.

  • Pharmacy: at the foot of Block A at gate 2, open from 8AM to 11PM daily.

  • Table Tennis area for residents: at the foot of Block C, free.

Regulations for Temporary Residence Registration

  • According to the provisions of law, please register your temporary residence declaration online at Block A Reception Hall. You can ask the Receptionist / Security Guard of Hall A for assistance.